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Qo’qon paxta tozalash AJ

«Qo'qon paxta tozalash» AJ "Farg'onapaxtasanoat" hududiy aksiyadorlik birlashmasi tarkibidagi paxta tozalash korhonasi hisoblanadi. Vazirlar Mahkamasining 12.06.2001 yildagi 252-sonli «Respublika paxta tozalash sanoatining boshqaruv tizimini takomillashtirish to'g'risida»gi Qarori asosida shaklida tuzilgan. Korhona o'z faoliyatini O'zbekiston Respublikasi Konstitutsiyasi, «Aksiyadorlik jamiyatlari va aksiyadorlarning huquqlarini himoya qilish to'g'risida»gi O'zbekiston Respublikasining Qonuni va boshqa qonunlari, O'zbekiston Respublikasi Oliy Majlisining qarorlari, O'zbekiston Respublikasi Prezidentining Farmonlari, Vazirlar Mahkamasining qaror va farmoyishlari hamda o'zining ustavi asosida yuritadi.





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When to meet with international girls on marriage dating apps | Homes To Love

You can read additional information from this author about best dating sites for hookups on his blog. One-night stands have a bottom wrapping mainly because a lot of people even now imagine there’s embarrassing regarding everyday sexual activity. Come along if you need to match girls seeking sexual activity in San Antonio if you love […]


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Sensible Advice In Top Cbd Products Simplified

CBD could pose unknown health dangers and cannot be marketed as a dietary complement, food or therapeutic cure-all. After the oil is extracted, it can be bottled as pure CBD oil or could also be placed into a provider oil. While you’re searching for CBD oil tinctures, you might find it mixed with substances https://validcbdoil.com/cbd-products/ […]


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Open Mike on Dog Steps For Bed

Giving your pet a straightforward time while getting into the home or automobile is an effective initiative. Conventional approach to a set of helpful dog stairs, excellent for serving to a smaller pet reach the couch or a bed. The steps are made out of strong wood with a black coat of paint and white […]